When knitwear crushes on Lunettes’ sunglasses! 當針織遇上Lunettes!


Lunettes fromBerlinlately joined forces withLondon’s Cooperative Designs – knitwear innovators. Sun-glasses go along with knitwear perfectly in Cooperative Designs S/S12 collection, “Wish you were here”.


 Lunettes is the top creator of vintage eyewear. The style from 1900s’ Cateye frames to the ever-popular Nerd glasses. Spectacular feature is made and under the conflict between the ancient style andBerlinstreet style ever since.

 Unique cut-outs with the tinted lenses reached the double efficacy of outside looking and vision seeing. Cooperative Designs also created a custom crochet glasses cords using yards from the SS 2012 collection-choices include tri-tone blues, ruffly roses and steely hearts.

Where to buy?   You can search more on the Lunettes Online shop:


德國復古時尚品牌Lunettes最近與倫敦針織時裝Cooperative Designs合作,並在2012春夏系列”Wish you were there”中與針織巧妙的結合。Lunettes擅長打造復古眼鏡,風格從19世紀的貓眼框到現在流行的宅男潮框,充斥著古老風味與柏林街頭衝突下的獨有風格。

Lunettes以獨特的裁切框面搭配染色鏡片,達到視覺及功能雙重功效。Cooperative Designs還設計了針織眼鏡鍊,「三色藍」、「荷葉玫瑰」、「心型」作為設計搭配。你可以在Lunettes專屬線上購物網找到更多商品


德国复古时尚品牌Lunettes最近与伦敦针织时装Cooperative Designs合作,并在2012春夏系列”Wish you were there”中与针织巧妙的结合。Lunettes擅长打造复古眼镜,风格从19世纪的猫眼框到现在流行的宅男潮框,充斥着古老风味与柏林街头冲突下的独有风格。

Lunettes以独特的裁切框面搭配染色镜片,达到视觉及功能双重功效。Cooperative Designs还设计了针织眼镜炼,「三色蓝」、「荷叶玫瑰」、「心型」作为设计搭配。你可以在Lunettes专属在线购物网找到更多商品



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