text & photos by Glasses

Venice- my favorite love place. I dropped my tears because I was touched by here. Romantic Venice has its beauty in days and nights.

The lanes are always tortuous, the bridges are always countless, and me always got lost. The small lanes and squares surprised me all the time. This is a place that the sea is more than land and this is my impression to Venice. Somehow, the most unforgettable is its romantic.
I can’t tell why! Romantic spread in the air; you will realize while you are there. In the picture, the sunny sky with brighten sunshine, spread on the sea surface with countless golden spots. The bar beside the sea was painted a lady face on it, at this moment; I looked at my love that was standing next to me. We walked along the shore and I felt happiness at that time.






Venice Carnival is such like a fantasy dream. I was thinking who will be behind the mask. What’s the reason that they are willing to dress so fancy and stand on the street just for taking picture and being watched? In this freezing day, will they be cold-less because of wearing fancy custom? I’m curious but there is no answer.





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