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Peaceful exist between globalize and localize Japan Optical shop.

Japan, is a country not far away from us and very close to Taiwan. We had influenced by Japanin many aspects, no matter in business, technology, fashion, even pachinko (Japanese gaming device), red light pub culture and karaoke are all about and fromJapan. Also, Japanese dish is popular inTaiwan; of course the eyewear is not the exception. Many older generations have been toJapan to study and learn skill, which influenceTaiwan optical shop very deep and wide. However,Taiwan eyewear’s develop direction is different fromJapan. Although we are going fast and improving, there still have space that we need to update more details and concept. Next time, when you trip toJapan, remember to space some time to visit and learn their management and concept, maybe you will get unexpected inspiration!


日本,離我們不遠的一個國家,跟我們台灣的關係密切,我們台灣許多地方都深受日本影響,不論商業、 科技、時尚流行、甚至小鋼珠、酒店文化、卡拉OK都跟日本有關,連吃的日本料理在台灣都非常受歡迎,眼鏡這個行業當然也不例外,許多老前輩甚至都還師承日本,遠赴日本留學深造過,對台灣眼鏡業的影響,可謂又深有遠,但台灣的眼鏡發展卻與日本有著截然不同的方向,固然近幾年我們也飛快的進步中,還有機會增加更多的細節和理念。下次有空去日本玩的時候,不彷撥出一點時間,參觀一下日本同業的經營手法及理念,說不定你會有意外的啓發!


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