Smooth surface acetate, OUT!-THEO eyewear/誰說膠框一定要光滑!?

I have to say…Seeing theo’s acetate just like watching a dancing performance of light and shadow. They always give unexpected effect by acetate color and sheet combination.


[繁] 不得不說,觀看THEO的板料作品根本就是在欣賞一場光與影的舞蹈表演,擅長運用板料的配色及組合,往往給人意想不到的成果。


[简] 不得不说,观看THEO的板料作品根本就是在欣赏一场光与影的舞蹈表演,擅长运用板料的配色及组合,往往给人意想不到的成果。

This time, theo is going to break the rule that acetate have to be smooth on the surface. Theo launches their new collection with decoration by sculpture the frame. The sculpture is not only making the frame more interesting and beautiful without increase any weight to the frame, but also, giving the personality of Spanish patron saints to each models make the collection full of legend. Theo always have their way to make glasses is not just a pair of glasses, that’s why I like designer brand eyewear so much!

[繁] 這次THEO跳脫膠框就是要光滑無痕的印象,大膽的在框面上以雕刻的方式加以裝飾,一來為鏡框增色又不添加鏡架本身的重量;二來將鏡框加以賦予每個西班牙守護神的性格,增添傳奇性,THEO總是有辦法讓眼鏡不只是眼鏡,這就是為什麼我喜歡設計師眼鏡!

[简] 这次THEO跳脱胶框就是要光滑无痕的印象,大胆的在框面上以雕刻的方式加以装饰,一来为镜框增色又不添加镜架本身的重量;二来将镜框加以赋予每个西班牙守护神的性格,增添传奇性,THEO总是有办法让眼镜不只是眼镜,这就是为什么我喜欢设计师眼镜!


Eyewear should not just be a necessities, should not be treated as the same as toothpick! Eyewear is an accessory to make your appearance looks better and upgrade your confident. It’s not just a vision correction tool! If for some reason that you can see this article by any chance, then please give yourself a chance to experience the designer brand eyewear. Just try to feel and understand why so many designers contribute their passion and stay their philosophy just to create their unique style eyewear.

[繁] 眼鏡不應該只是必需品,不應該淪為跟牙籤一樣的地位!眼鏡是一種能改變外在形象、提升內在自信的品味配件,而不只是矯正視力的工具,如果有緣讓你看到這篇文章,那就請你給自己一個機會去體驗設計師品牌眼鏡,了解為何有這麼多設計師充滿熱情、理想只為了創造出獨特風格的眼鏡!

[简] 眼镜不应该只是必需品,不应该沦为跟牙签一样的地位!眼镜是一种能改变外在形象、提升内在自信的品味配件,而不只是矫正视力的工具,如果有缘让你看到这篇文章,那就请你给自己一个机会去体验设计师品牌眼镜,了解为何有这么多设计师充满热情、理想只为了创造出独特风格的眼镜!





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