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MIDO optic exhibition 2011 held in Milan, Italy. Started on 4、5、6 of March, at FieraMilano Gathering all the manufacturers and buyers from everywhere to join this biggest optic exhibition. The exhibition is divided into six areas. Let’s introduce the 24th area-Mido Design Lab today.

Mentioned to this theme pavilion, its scale is bigger and bigger year by year. This year, there are over 150 brands stand here, if you want to search for some unique and novel frame, just comes here! From my observation, stainless steel and pure-titanium still are exhibitor’s favorite material in this pavilion. About the acetate, the popular vintage style of “Wellington” and “Boston” last year now is not that hit anymore. But the bold-colorful brand has no decreasing. It seems that people will want to add some hues in daily life when they are getting used to steady grey or black. What’s more, there are more and more brands emphasize their original produce place, you can see the unidentified produce location indication problems appears increasingly. You must be cautious on this matter when you are purchasing.

2011年義大利米蘭的Mido展,於3月4、5、6於Fieramilano展覽場盛大展開,來自全世界的廠家及買家,一同參與這全世界最大的眼鏡展。展區共分為六個館,首先來介紹第24館的Mido Design Lab,今年共有超過150個以上品牌參展,說到這個主題館,規模可說一年比一年大,想要看新奇獨特的眼鏡來這個館就對了!就筆者觀察,不鏽鋼及純鈦仍然是本館各家最喜歡用的材質,膠框的部份,去年大為流行的復古威靈頓框及波士頓框已大幅退燒,今年少了很多!而大膽用色的品牌仍然不少,似乎看慣了四平八穩的灰黑色調後,人們總渴望來點色彩為自己的生活加點顏色!另外有越來越多的品牌強調自己的生產所在地,可見生產地不明的問題越來越嚴重,在採購時要特別注意提防這個問題!


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