text & photos by Glasses

Mention toItaly, except for pizza and Mafia, I believed everyone who’d been there would make an impression for the cultural scenic spot monument everywhere. My impression toItalyis bold coloring and perfume. I remembered my first trip toItalyabout 15 years ago, I aware and wondered why my clothes always are black and grey. InItaly, all you see is blue, olive green, mustard green…and the air you inhale is delighted light perfume or strong perfume. I can’t take away Italian monument, I can’t afford the famous brand, but I think I can learn how to wear color and perfume from Italian. Because of it, I had a time that always in colorful clothes, just like a traffic light! This year, I came by Romeo and Juliet’s home-VERONAagain. I took a walk freely in the ancient city; made a turn, suddenly I’m attracted by this horse withTurkeyblue. Hey! I thought this is good; a horse sculpture can be more attractive than a real horse. This makes me think of myself in many years ago, I was praise for Italian’s bold coloring.




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