Will you be curious how to make an eyewear in the manufacture? Oliver Goldsmith is proud to public their making progress, lead you to see how an England historic factory to make a high quality eyewear for OG which is a historic eyewear brand stands over 80 years history.

[繁] 好奇一只眼鏡是怎麼出廠的嗎? Oliver Goldsmith驕傲的公開製作程序,一探英國老廠如何為已有80年歷史的OG製造出高品質眼鏡。

[简] 好奇一只眼镜是怎么出厂的吗? Oliver Goldsmith骄傲的公开制作程序,一探英国老厂如何为已有80年历史的OG制造出高质量眼镜。

Interesting, huh?

You can browse OG website, I found there is a good point in the “QUALITY” item, it said: “We work with factories all over the world, because for us it is not about WHERE it is being made. It’s much more about WHO is making it”.

[繁] 有趣吧?

你可以到OG的官網上瀏覽,在quality的介紹中 ,有一句話我覺得說得很好:「我們與世界各地製造廠合作,我們在乎的是"誰"去做,而不是從"哪兒"來」。

[简] 有趣吧?

你可以到OG的官网上浏览,在quality的介绍中 ,有一句话我觉得说得很好:「我们与世界各地制造厂合作,我们在乎的是"谁"去做,而不是从"哪儿"来」。


I totally agree! Skill and quality are the key points that decide the frame is good or not. Purchaser should try on the eyewear in person, instead of only care about the place of origin and the brand. Of course you can take them as your shopping reference. Over rely on and blind follow will only make you lose your confident. Just think about it…what is your purpose to spend money? buy someone else’s agreement or establish your own taste?

[繁] 沒錯!技術跟品質是決定一只眼鏡優不優的關鍵,購買者應該要親身試戴眼鏡,而不是只在乎產地及品牌,當然,產地跟品牌可以當作您購買的參考資訊,過度信任及盲目跟從只會讓人失去信心…想想看,你花錢的目的究竟是要買別人的眼光還是要建立自己的品味呢?

[简] 没错!技术跟质量是决定一只眼镜优不优的关键,购买者应该要亲身试戴眼镜,而不是只在乎产地及品牌,当然,产地跟品牌可以当作您购买的参考信息,过度信任及盲目跟从只会让人失去信心…想想看,你花钱的目的究竟是要买别人的眼光还是要建立自己的品味呢?









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