Oliver Goldsmith launches a Sunglasses series for age 4-14 children called Mini Icons. Kids’ eyes need to be take care of and protect as adults. Oliver Goldsmith’s greatgranddaughter-Claire Goldsmith bases on this concept and creates 5 styles “neither too gimmicky nor grown-up” for children. Each style is available for 4 colors and they are classics that suit every age. Claire Goldsmith  creates the frame with bright and vibrant colors, just like candies! Parents are satisfied and more important are Mini Icons can catch children’s attention. Who said to purchase kids’ sunglasses is a hard thing? Check out Mini Icons!


Oliver Goldsmith 發表了一系列專為4-14歲孩童設計的”Mini Icons”太陽眼鏡。"孩子的眼睛跟成人一樣都需要妥善照顧及保護",Oliver Goldsmith的曾孫女- Claire Goldsmith 基於這樣的理念為孩子設計出五款不招搖不過熟的太陽眼鏡,每一款均有4種顏色可挑選,款款都是經典且適合各個年齡層。Claire Goldsmith 採用亮眼繽紛似糖果般的配色,大人滿意更能吸引孩子的焦點,誰說孩子的太陽眼鏡難買?看看Mini Icons!


Oliver Goldsmith 发表了一系列专为4-14岁孩童设计的”Mini Icons”太阳眼镜。"孩子的眼睛跟成人一样都需要妥善照顾及保护",Oliver Goldsmith的曾孙女- Claire Goldsmith 基于这样的理念为孩子设计出五款不招摇不过熟的太阳眼镜,每一款均有4种颜色可挑选,款款都是经典且适合各个年龄层。Claire Goldsmith 采用亮眼缤纷似糖果般的配色,大人满意更能吸引孩子的焦点,谁说孩子的太阳眼镜难买?看看Mini Icons!




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