MIDO Review:Rigidity with Smoothness, Stainless Steel Eyewear.

text & photos by Glasses

There are two new-born stainless-steel eyewear brand catches many people’s eyes- Undostrial, France and Stradadelsole, Switzerland. These two young designers successfully and ingenuity combine diverse materials. At the same time, they fit into users’ life with function design, to let eyewear become more convenience and various in daily life use. There is finally a new prospect that breaks the plight of stainless-steel for many years. In fact, classic design has no change for years, this is no doubt is a tough challenge for Taiwan market that always change and like something new. New brand emerge stand for hope. Anyway, a brand can overcome the market test is a good brand!

法國 undostrial(圖左)和瑞士 stradadelsole(圖右)兩個新興不鏽鋼眼鏡品牌,今年吸引了許多人的目光,兩位年輕設計師成功地將異種材質巧妙結合並將機能設計融入使用者的生活中,使眼鏡在生活使用中更方便多樣,讓不鏽鋼眼鏡多年來無法突破的設計困境,總算有了新局面,事實上經典的設計往往多年不改變,這對喜歡求新求變的台灣眼鏡市場,無疑是一種困難的挑戰,而新品牌的出現,代表著是一種希望,但無論如何?能經得起市場考驗的就是好牌子!

Mykita is an old brand in stainless-steel eyewear. They keep launching new creation every year, they even spent amount of money on product placement inHollywood. You can see it in many movies or episodes. Mykita successfully combine itself with celebrity and popularity, of course it brings nice sale. On the last day, Mykita stand held a small show program. The stunt bike and basketball performance caused a small uproar. A good brand won’t miss its passion from daily fun life!




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