text & photos by Glasses

Each year, this wall in 24th pavilion plays a very important role that represents the theme atmosphere of entire exhibition. This year, the sponsor directly put “design lab” on it, just wants you to know that this place is for design! But, there is something make me confused is that the business mood is getting stronger here. If you want to find real designer that create the draft by oneself, that’s not quite easy. More and more brands spend money finding others to take care of their design; I wonder that can it be a designer brand?

每年24號館的這一道牆,可說是主辦單位表現整體展場氣氛主題最重要的地方,今年不囉唆用英文直接寫上design lab明白告訴你,這裡就是以設計為主題的展覽館,只是令筆者不解的是這裡越來越濃的商業氣息,在這裡想要找到真正能畫設計圖的設計師還真不容易,越來越多的品牌將設計工作外包處理,不知這樣的品牌還算不算設計師品牌!?



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