Are you tired of the eyewear frame made by pure steel,acetate,titanium?

Here are whole new techniques beyond your imagination!

Didier Voirol, the founder and the designer of Metalartconcept,has launched the first eponymous collection” Didier Voirol” in SILMO 2011,that was featured by the unique techniques and creative materials against the tide.

1.Solder Points:An accumulation of spot welds, ground and polished.

2.Inserts:Hundreds of collected metal plates assembled with 4 to 6 spot welds.

3.On cellulose acetate frames, Didier includes facets with polished or matt angles .

In January 2012, the first interferential PVD 5D treatment (a treatment that changes colour depending on viewing angles), which has never been used in the world of eyewear before, will be applied on the frames.



Didier Voirol,Metalartconcept的創辦人與設計師,在2011年的SILMO展首次發表了同名的眼鏡系列” Didier Voirol”,以獨家的技術和創意的材質為特色以對抗潮流。




在2012年的1月,Didier Voirol首度採用從未用在眼鏡製造上的”濺鍍鍍膜法5D製造法(一種可以依據觀看的角度改變顏色的製造法),將首度應用在鏡框的製作!




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