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Lunettes de Jura is a branch shop at Omotesando, lead by Kazuo Takahashi. This shop is the most living company that import Europe brand inJapan, whose company image almost westernize. It’s hard to find it is actually a local Japanese company. They are good at holding any kinds of show and cooperate with local artist and release various odd and queer eyewears, such like bamboo-made, wooden-made, copper-made, steel-made, mammoth ivory…etc. You can said this is the most full of feature shop. Lunettes de Jura Grand at Minami Aoyama, the upstairs has ophthalmology and eyewear shop. They really develop Japanese saving spirit very well. 

lunettes de jura照片是高橋 一男先生領導的lunettes de jura在表參道的分店,這家lunettes de jura可說是目前日本引進歐洲品牌最活躍的一家公司,公司企業形象幾乎全部歐化,很難發覺它其實是一家道地的日本家族公司,擅長辦各種大小型的秀,並經常與日本當地的藝術家合作,發表各種稀奇古怪的眼鏡,竹製、木製、銅製、鋼製、猛瑪象牙…,可說是一家極具特色的眼鏡店、在南青山的 lunettes du jura grand樓上還有眼科跟眼鏡寶島,真是把日本人的<窮究精神>徹底發揮!

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