KIRK Originals Shop award news!

KIRK flagship shop in Londonwins two significant international design awards in a row last week:Campaign Design, the design agency, design the interior for KIRK flagship shop and wins the LICC interior design award and also cited in a list of “11 insanely cool flagship stores” on Business Insider.

KIRK, UK fashion designer brand, founded since over 2 decades ago, selling locations are over 40 countries. KIRK opened the flagship shop on Conduit Street in London in this February. The creative design is too stunning that you can’t even forget about it in the rest of your life. Look through inside from the windows, you will see first there are many big eyes hanging from the ceiling, which causes an interesting scene of people who is standing outside are looking at the inside big eyes, also those big eyes are looking at the outside people. This definitely brings out the main product of this shop with no doubt as well.

The white wall in the shop used the idea of eyes neurons to create the 3D inter-display, which can exhibit 187 KIRK frames on it. Besides these two elements, there are no more decorations or furniture can distract the customers in the shop. Then where is the optometry room?
The answer is basement.

The stylish design totally let people breaks the impression to the eyewear shop. No wonder KIRK can be the rare optical shop winner of the two international awards. Next time toLondon, don’t forget experience the charming of KIRK flagship shop by yourself!




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