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Last time, we introduce Japan eyewear shop, now we pull back the camera toEurope. Since the establishment of EU and Euro, it became very convenient to travel the whole Europe. Because of it, I have the opportunity to visit more country and city. After my observation, I discovered they have different shop style in different area.

Their express ways are variety and diversify, but can’t escape from high quality and unique. For unique, they melt local living style and culture together and bring out special and unique eyewear shop. Of course, those shops I mentioned are not the best, it’s just my opinion. I just want to let you know the current development of abroad shop, and these three shops are the exclusive eyewear shop of MYKITA/KIRK/GOTTI. The reason I show you is through the brand designer’s concept and skill, we can realize how they to handle from eyewear design, display, and management to image establish. Hope you like it! Regarding to the page is limited, so I show you the eyewear chain-store in someday.


Kirk opened a shop inLondonno long time ago and made a sensation inEurope. Boss, Jason is English and lives inParisfor a long time. Maybe because of it, Kirk Original expresses French abstract and British humor. The shop style emphasizes on eyes and eyewear is the best partner. Hundreds eyes and consumers look at each other; bring out a unique design style. Jason actually is a naughty guy that likes to make some fun. Many years ago he came toAsia, and filmed a video that he was playing the piano at that time. Post it on YouTube and cause a lot of attentions. I believed many people still have some memory about it.

Kirk前不久在倫敦所開的專賣店,在歐洲造成了一時轟動,老闆Jason是英國人但長期住在巴黎,或許就是因為這樣的關係,kirk original呈現出一種法國式的抽象但又有英國的幽默,整個專賣店的風格,強調眼睛跟眼鏡是最佳拍檔,數百隻眼睛與消費者互相觀看,造就一種獨特的設計風格。其實Jason是一個愛搞怪的人,數年前他有到亞洲來,當時還拍了一段他在彈鋼琴的影片,放在youtube上還引起許多人的注意!相信許多人應該還有印象!

Mykita shop is inParis,France. The well-known mykita has shop inBerlinandTokyo, dig a whole on the white industrial steel sheet and put light on it, this is mykita feature. Those good or bad stories, history, and relationship with Ic!Berlinis a myth that we outside people can’t understand. But in recent years mykita is getting success and have more reputation in domestic market. For stainless steel eyewear, it is a nice brand that you can’t miss. Especially the precise making process achieve its own wearing feeling. Anyone wears mykita can understand the feeling of made inGermanyand you won’t be confused.

Mykita在法國巴黎的專賣店,大家所熟悉的mykita在柏林和東京都有專賣店,白色工業鋼板摟空打燈等鮮明形象 是mykita的特色,與ic!berlin糾纏不清的愛恨情仇,是我們一般局外人所不懂的!不過近年來mykita愈來愈成功,在國內的能見度也愈來愈高,相信在不銹鋼材質眼鏡上,絕對是一個不容錯過的品牌,尤其是精密的製造過程,造就mykita特有的配戴感,擁有它的人,應該都能明白,那種德國製造的味,是不容被混淆的!


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