MYKITA has partnered with French accessories brand Côte&Ciel, known for their iconic designs for people on the move, to create a distinctive collection of protective eyewear pouches. Slipped into a pocket or bag, frames will not only be easily accessible but also traveling in style.













The inverted zip and safety lip prevents scratching your eyewear. An integrated microfiber cleaning cloth allows you to keep your lenses smudgefree while removing the inconvenience of looking for or even losing that rather invaluable piece of fabric.



The pouches come in eight different colour combinations, inspired by MYKYTA’s distinctive light-infused advertising campaigns, with contrast interiors for a pop of colour: Rust with Yellow, Yellow with Plum, Black with Black, Grey Melange with Black, Amethyst with Plum, Plum with Amethyst, Indigo Blue with Carmine Red and Carmine Red with Indigo Blue.

此款镜袋有八种不同的颜色组合,灵感得自于MYKITA宣传图册中那些反差强烈的色彩及光影效果:赭色/黄色,黄色/紫色,黑色/黑色,岩灰色/黑,紫水晶色/紫色,紫色/紫水晶色,靛蓝/胭脂红以及胭脂红/靛蓝。 镜袋现只限于特选眼镜零售商发售!













The pouches will be available at MYKITA stores, selected opticians and concept stores from end of March 2013.



ABOUT Côte&Ciel

Côte&Ciel began in 2008 in Paris. A few creative souls developed products that are as functional as they are stylish, that empower and support creative people. The result is Côte&Ciel, a name meaning coast and sky and one that nods to the inspiration we take from both the natural world and our French heritage. Côte&Ciel is simple. To develop, design and produce travel goods that balance modern fabrics with architectural shapes, to make sure bags, rucksacks and sleeves that complement your lifestyle.








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