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2011 MIDO New Power

Talk about eyewear design, often influenced by material and technique. This time, of course there are many brands tried to make eyewear with new material. Thanks for the technology improvement, the wood, horn, k gold, aluminum…and so on, all selected and used on making eyewear. For me, it is not usual but I won’t make issue of it. Therefore, I keep emerging question mark in my brand and wondered is it real, when the manufacturer introduced me how good and novel is their material. Trying is a good thing, but I don’t want to get trouble, and not to mention to let my customer to be a guinea pig. But there indeed are some new materials are getting popular, such like G-flex. It is light and hypoallergenic, also can be use on medical. In addition, I saw a special nylon material that can be adjusted easily at ordinary temperatures; this could solve the problem that the temple is not easy to alter and efficiently raise the satisfaction of customer. New developments on eyewear material, I always see it an observation point when visiting the exhibition. Share with you!
  2011 MIDO新勢力



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