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Anne& Valentine comes from south of France. The brand name is their couple names. Every time, I saw this brand, I feel romantic. Anne likes Picasso very much, therefore, there are many frame lines and colors are very abstract. The acetate color is just like clear candy in the candy jar, which the color is extremely bright. In recent years, they created many good quality models; especially do a lot of details on the temples. Combine titanium with acetate, polishing or matting on it. It’s stereoscopic, unique and rare in domestic market. It is worthy for you to notice.

法國anne & valentine來自法國南方,品牌名是他們夫妻倆的名字,每次看到這個牌子,就有一種浪漫愛情的感覺,Anne非常喜歡畢卡索,所以許多的線條及用色都很抽象,膠框用色就像放在糖果罐中透明的糖果,色彩非常鮮艷明亮,近來開發許多款式品質都非常好,尤其在鏡腳大做文章,以鈦金屬及板料複合一起切割打磨或刷霧處理,很有立體感,非常獨特而且國內能見度不高,是一個值得注意的牌子。


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